TerraLUX’s patented LEDSense® closed-loop thermal control technology adapts to any thermal conditions to maximize light output in various fixtures and operating conditions while assuring long-term lumen maintenance. The circuit actively samples the temperature of the LEDs in a TerraLUX LED module or LED light engine, and adjusts the LED drive conditions to protect the module. 

Reliability & Lumen Maintenance

LEDSense® is always active, and will compensate for variation in thermal conditions due to heat-sinking, ambient air, module positioning, or any other variable that affects the operating temperature.  This closed-loop system offers a host of advantages:

  • Elimination of thermal engineering burden for integration or installation.
  • Reduction of designed-in ‘safety margin’, resulting in higher light output, fewer components, and greater value to our customers.
  • Protection of the LEDs and other components from over-heating in unusually stressful environments.
  • Protection of the system in case of improper or insufficient heat-sinking.
  • Assurance of specified lifetime and lumen maintenance.

Patented LEDSense® Thermal Management ensures reliability and lumen maintenance even under changing conditions. To learn more about this technology, read the our white paper or contact us.

LEDSense® Thermal Management video: